Magic Kaito

Magic Kaito

Kid The Phantom Thief, Kaito Kid, Majikku Kaito, Kaitou Kid, Magic Kaitou, Detective Conan Special: Secret Birth of Kaito Kid, Kaitou Kid Tanjou no Himitsu, まじっく快斗
Aired Apr 17, 2010 to Dec 29, 2012
Status Completed
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Voting: 10 /10 (5)

Plot Summary:

Magic isn’t real everyone knows that. When performed by a real expert, however, magic possesses the power to amaze and wonder its audience. Kaito Kuroba, son of world-famous stage magician Touichi Kuroba, is not any stranger to the present fact. Well-versed within the arts of deception and misdirection, Kaito frequently disrupts the lives of these around him with flashy tricks and pranks. But when Kaito accidentally stumbles upon a hidden passage in his home, he discovers a secret which will well are the explanation for his father’s death eight years ago the dove-white outfit of child the Phantom Thief. eager to determine more about his father, Kaito dons the outfit and searches for the Pandora Gem that’s said to grant immortality. However, he’s not the sole one after the gem the organization liable for his father’s death is additionally hot on his tail!

Magic Kaito follows the rebirth of Kaitou Kid, phantom thief of the night. Utilizing his dummies, disguises, and signature card gun, Kaito sets bent steal the world’s most precious jewels, uncovering the reality behind his father’s death and therefore the rumored Pandora Gem along the way.

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