Aired Apr 4, 2020 to ?
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Status Completed
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The “great adolescent symphony” is about during a world where nothing called “music” exists. Humans are frightened of mysterious lifeforms referred to as Miminashi (literally, no ears), and therefore the only people that can get up to the Miminashi are “Prayers” (literally, those that pray in offering) who can connect and pilot “Equipment” combat mecha.

Echo, a boy living during a scrapheap town of Liverchester, witnessed the legendary Prayer Jimi within the great battle of Fes against the Miminashi a decade ago. Ever since then, he has held Prayers in great esteem.

One day, Echo is excavating during a scrapheap as was common when he comes across Myuu, a woman with no memories and an empty audio input jack on her waist. She is additionally a Prayer. soon , the 2 start a journey to uncover her origins and Jimi, the enigmatic pivotal figure of Fes.

When Myuu is plugged into an amp, something which will change the planet is about in motion …. Thus begins a journey of sound which will never be forgotten.

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