King of Thorn

King of Thorn

Ibara no Ou, Ibara no Oh, いばらの王
Status Completed
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Plot Summary:

Medusa, a deadly virus becomes a worldwide epidemic. so as to flee from this deadly virus, a couple of individuals are chosen to be put into a chilly sleep, laying during a capsule hoping for the longer term cure. Kasumi, a teenage girl is one among the 160 chosen for this procedure, and is guided to a chilly Sleep Capsule Center (CSCC) inside an ancient castle. Understanding that it’s hardly possible, Kasumi goes to sleep still anticipating for a reunion together with her twin sister Shizuku, who is also infected with the virus.

As Kasumi and therefore the others awake, they notice that the CSCC isn’t as they remembered. a bit like the story of “Sleeping Beauty,” the castle is roofed with thorn, and therefore the awaken are attacked by aliens and monsters! How long were they asleep? Where did the monsters come from? What went on to the world?

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