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Motto! Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori 2020

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Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion: Mirai kara Kita Shinsoku no ALFA-X 2019

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Digimon Adventure (2020) 2020

The new anime will happen in 2020 and can feature an all-new story centering on Taichi Yagami when he’s in his fifth year in..

Pokemon: Twilight Wings 2020

Galar is a region where Pokémon battles have developed into a cultural sensation. Over the span of seven episodes, “Pokémon: Twilight Wings” will show..

Pokemon Movie 22: Mewtwo no Gyakushuu Evolution 2019

The Team Rocket scientists attempted to make the most powerful Pokemon in existence and they succeeded. A clone made from Mew’s DNA, Mewtwo was..

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers 2014

Portable capturing devices known as “Disks” were developed to capture evil villains. However, thanks to Loki’s machinations, both villains and heroes are sealed up..

Digimon Adventure Movie 1999

Four years before the Digidestined were transported to the Digital World, and before they met their Digimon partners, they had no idea what Digimon..

Cross Fight B-Daman eS 2012

In “Crest Land,” a mysterious “B-Crystal” has started to go berserk. The main protagonist Kamon Godai lives in the south area of Crest Land, and..

Pokemon (2019) 2019

The new series will feature two protagonists: Ash and the new character Gou. Gou’s partner Pokémon is the starter Pokémon Hibunny (Scorbunny) from the..

Pokemon Movie 20: I Choose You! 2017

An origin story highlighting Ash and Pikachu’s first meeting and their adventures as they search for the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh. The iconic pair encounter familiar..

Pokemon: Pikachu and Pichu 2000

Ash, Misty and Brock are taking a break from their pokemon-battling adventures to take a rest in the city, leaving their pokemon to run..

Chi’s New Address 2009

The Yamadas and Chi move to a new apartment house, where keeping a pet is allowed.

Pokemon Movie 6: Jirachi Wish Maker 2003

This is the 6th Movie. Satoshi, Haruka, Takeshi, and Masato come upon the festival of the Wishing Star of Seven Nights. During their enjoyment,..

Pokemon Movie 5: Heroes – Latias and Latios 2002

Long ago, on an island called Altomare, there lived an old man and woman. One day, the couple found two small children lying on..

Pokemon Movie 4: Pokemon 4Ever 2001

40 years ago, a Celebi was being attacked by a Pokemon Hunter. Luckily, a young boy named Sammy saved Celebi. Using its Time Traveling..

Pokemon Movie 3: Spell of the Unown 2000

Mii Snowdon is left on her own after her father disappears while investigating the mysterious letter-shaped pokemon called the Unown. The only clue to..

Super Shiro 2019

Spin-off series of Crayon Shin-chan franchise, featuring Shiro. Commemorates 60th Anniversary of TV Asahi.

Cross Fight B-Daman 2011

A rumor has spread amongst the children worldwide regarding the popular B-Daman matches: A select group will be allowed to participate in an upcoming..

Youkai Watch 2014

Primary school student Keita Amano’s curiosity is as innocent as any other child’s his age. But when one day he decides to venture deeper..

Sonic X 2003

Back on Sonic’s home planet, Eggman has collected all 7 of the Chaos Emeralds, and is about to have absolute power when Sonic interferes,..

Bananya: Fushigi na Nakama-tachi 2019

Sequel of Bananya: There are still many mysterious creatures in this universe that we don’t know about. On a distant planet, one mysterious species..

Bananya 2016

Above a nondescript kitchen counter quietly hangs a bunch of ripe, yellow bananas. Suddenly, one of the slender fruits begins to shake, gently at..

Digimon Adventure 02 2000

A few years after the adventures of the Chosen Children in the Digital World, a new batch of Chosen Children are summoned to save..

Digimon Adventure 1999

When a group of kids head out for summer camp, they don’t expect it to snow in the middle of July. Out of nowhere,..

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