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Wangan Midnight 2007

Based on a seinen manga by Kusunoki Michiharu serialised in Young Magazine. The story gets its roots from the actual street racing that occurs..

New Initial D Movie: Legend 3 – Mugen 2016

The third and final movie in a trilogy.

New Initial D Movie: Legend 2 – Tousou 2015

The second movie in a trilogy.

New Initial D Movie: Legend 1 – Kakusei 2014

The first movie in a trilogy, focusing on the battle against the Takahashi brothers.

Initial D Final Stage 2014

After defeating every racing team in the prefecture, everything comes down to one last race. Takumi Fujiwara has never lost a race, but when..

Initial D Fifth Stage 2012

Taking place in the sacred land of street running Kanagawa, once more Takumi Fujiwara will show his driving skills in his now legendary Hachi-roku.

Initial D Extra Stage 2 2008

Iketani missed an opportunity to see Mako-chan and hates himself for never calling to say he was sorry. By chance he runs into her..

Initial D Fourth Stage 2004

Takumi Fujiwara and brothers Keisuke and Ryousuke Takahashi have formed “Project D,” a racing team aimed at bringing their driving skills to their full..

Initial D Battle Stage 2002

There are many street races in the Initial D Series. This OVA has no plot other than to collect all the street races into..

Initial D Third Stage 2001

Shortly after graduating from high school, Takumi is approached by RedSuns leader Ryosuke Takahashi and offered to join him in forming a professional racing..

Initial D Extra Stage 2001

The Lancer EVO-driving group “Emperor” have defeated every racing team they’ve met in the Gunma region. Now they’re out to challenge the duo of..

Initial D Second Stage 1999

Following his victory over RedSuns leader Ryosuke Takahashi, AE86 driver Takumi Fujiwara is challenged by the Lancer EVO-based “Emperor,” a group known for taking..

Initial D First Stage 1998

Takumi Fujiwara is an aloof, spacey high-schooler who does delivery runs in his dad’s Toyota AE86 in the dead of night. Despite working at..

Tailenders 2009

Tomoe Shiro, a formidable racer with a very promising career, experiments a U-turn when a serious accident puts his life at stake. He recovers..

Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go WGP 1997

After the first season, Retsu and Go have now formed a team called “TRF Victorys” which Tokichi Mikuni, J, and Ryo Takaba are part..

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