Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City: The Animated Series, デトロイト・メタル・シティ
Aired Aug 8, 2008 to Oct 28, 2008
Status Completed
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Voting: 10 /10 (1)

Plot Summary:

Negishi Souichi always dreamed of joining a trendy pop band, so that he could perform music like that of his idol, Kahimi Karie. In order to realize his dream, he decided to leave the country side and his loving parents to study in Tokyo. And after graduating, he does manage to join a band… but not the kind he was expecting! As lead singer of the death metal band Detroit Metal City, under the stage name Krauser II, he is made to perform loud songs filled with obscene lyrics – a far cry from the songs he used to write in school.

But despite the fact that Negishi hates DMC’s music, the Krauser side of him will do anything to put on a good show for his fans… even if it means making Negishi’s life a misery!

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