Cheating Craft

Cheating Craft

Zuobi Yishu, チーティングクラフト
Premiered Fall 2016 Anime
Status Completed
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Voting: 10 /10 (1)

Plot Summary:

In a world where academic success decides your entire future, the exam room becomes a ruthless battlefield. Passing the exams guarantees a successful future. Failing dooms you to measure a cruel life, suffering from suffering and despair. Only the foremost intelligent or cunning students make it out alive. These are the 2 strategies of combat: spend your entire life studying for the test, or perfect your cheating strategy. the scholars who dedicate themselves to studying are called “Learning Type” students, and that they are forced to collaborate with a “Cheating Type” student so as to battle their rivals for the highest grades.

The cheater Zhuge Mu Ming and studious academic Qiao Yi Huang plan to team against the exams. However, the allies are soon divided, becoming bitter rivals. Will they be ready to make it on their own? And if so, who will survive the challenge and emerge victorious?

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