Castle Town Dandelion

Castle Town Dandelion

Joukamachi no Dandelion, 城下町のダンデライオン
Aired Jul 3, 2015 to Sep 18, 2015
Status Completed
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Voting: 8.3 /10 (3)

Plot Summary:

The Sakurada siblings live a traditional life during a typical Japanese household. Well, that is what their father, the king, wants for them a minimum of . As members of the royalty , each sibling possesses a singular ability, and over two thousand security cameras are placed around town to form sure the youngsters are safe and sound. Moreover, all nine of them are designated as a possible successor to the throne with the choice that subsequent ruler are going to be selected through an election.

However, for the timid Akane Sakurada, the third eldest daughter who wields the facility to control gravity, all of this attention may be a complete nightmare. With all the cameras constantly monitoring the candidates and even broadcasting their actions on the Sakurada-dedicated news channel, she decides that if she becomes king, the cameras have gotten to travel . But just how will she convince the general public that she is that the most suited to rule if she can’t even overcome her own shyness?! Election season is fully swing because the look for subsequent king begins in Joukamachi no Dandelion.

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